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"I find myself with a great deal of time on my hands.  Projects I would have never considered now take priority.  It is not often I find someone interesting.  I would rather not see you rust."

He stands.

"Regardless, as I am I cannot access the necessary tools."

"Organic decay is a little different from rusting but I do appreciate the thought on both counts. Though I am not nearly as interesting as most of the people I have known, you included."

If he’s standing up she’s sitting up. Dizziness be damned.

"How is your temporary body working out for you? My time with that biology was relatively unremarkable. Save for the usual feeling of misplaced organs and having to relearn my balance."

"I want to take a few samples from this body, but I do not want them to decompose between taking them and being able to study them. If you do not have one, I will ask the girls, though I would prefer not to store something like that in their area."

"Well if I don’t, I could always go out and get one. There’s often some repairable machines left in a junkyard. It would only take me a an hour or two."

shockwave-prime: "Do you have a cold storage unit?" 

"As in a refrigerator? I’m…not sure. I’ve been keeping mostly canned foods. Keep better."


"I can fix that."

"Then by all means. If that is what you want to do.” 


"I ran a stress test on your cybernetic components and your mind."

While Shockwave wouldn’t call Shepard a friend, he does still value and respect her.  To some extent he cares for her well being.  Some.

"I continued the test after you became unconscious.  It is highly likely that parts of you were damaged in the process, but I do not break what I cannot repair.  Would you like to be able to feel again?"

Shepard had a very loose definition of friendship. She’s not real great with the trust thing and Shockwave isn’t helping any right now. Did she agree with that? She honestly can’t remember. Honestly doesn’t care long enough to question it much either.

She chuckled and shrugged. “Ah. I see my ever increasing health issues have surfaced. Honestly, the inability to feel isn’t so much an issue as the black spots on my memory.”

Like yesterday, the day before that and probably this moment at some point in the future.


Shockwave turns from his work when he hears Shepard stirring.  In an attempt to encourage Shepard to remain low to the ground, Shockwave squats near her to be at eye level.  In reality he’s just fond of how his legs work.

"You were out for quite awhile.  That was not entirely expected."

Staying low is not something Shepard is good at. She forgot how irritating it was to be told such things but she’ll indulge him. Because he’s a friend. It’s also weird to see him with a turian mug and she needs a moment.

"I’m sorry. Expected of what now..?" To say her memory is hazy is putting it mildly.

Shepard remembers being frantic, desperately clinging to something. Probably a dream. Considering the 90 degree angle and the inability to recall the last…anything, it’s a well enough assumption. God she hopes that feeling was a dream.

She’s just going to very slowly sit up and start from there.


Shockwave made a slight incision at the back of Shepard’s neck before inserting a thin cable that would latch onto one of the main points of the machinery.

He stepped back to a lower console to activate it while keeping an eye on Shepard.

Truth be told, he wasn’t entirely certain how she would fare.

She had been muttering something about how much more convenient his new size was for such things. After all they were roughly the same size, robot or no, precision work could be tricky the bigger size difference. Of course, she hadn’t known what he was actually doing. Tricky thing about being unable to feel anything.

The next moment she had become rather silent; knocked into dreamland. Except likely more violently so. She couldn’t say for herself, unconsciousness was kind of a dick like that.


"This may seem unrelated, but I am curious about how well machines can integrate with your body.  I have a simple test set up."

From his scans before, he had been able to construct a device that could test the load bearing capacity of an AI and its hardware.  As it had been built solely with Shepard in mind, it contained a chair.

Shepard really ought to have been more cautious but she went to where she was directed, ah a chair, how convenient. She chuckled having been reminded of Cerberus and what they had done with her body. ”I am sure the results should prove to be interesting regardless of purpose.” She never did get a full analysis of what they did.